• Skin Ryhthm

Skin Ryhthm


Just like your body, your skin also has an internal rhythm too that dictates its behavior at different times of day. In 24 hours, your skin also can perform different functions to protect and repair itself from any potential harm.

Here, I’m going to share how this skin clock operates and how you can use this information to help improve your skin hygiene routine and overall skin health!

5 to 7 in the morning is the best time to do skincare. At this time, you can use an eye cream that prevent wrinkle and promotes blood circulation. You can do an eye massage to solve the problem of dark circle and swelling under the eye.

This is the most active time for sebaceous gland secretion and the tissue resistance is the strongest. You can do some others beauty items, even if it is a simple freckle removal, it is the best maintenance period during the time!

During this period, the skin condition is the weakest, the skin will be dull, the resistance will also decrease, and it is susceptible to the influence of external factors, causing the skin to be easily damaged. It is recommended to apply a mask or use a moisturizing cream or essence to moisturize the skin.

The skin absorbs nutrients most easily at this time, and it will be more effective if you take deeper care of your skin at this time. Whether it’s going to a beauty salon for skin care, or doing skin care at home, it’s very suitable!

[At night before going to bed]
Who doesn’t understand that night is the perfect time for skin repairing, At night in particular, skin blood flow and temperature are higher, which causes permeability of the skin barrier and increases water loss and skin itch. Therefore as long as you don’t stay up late and do your skin care steps before bed, you can repair and regenerate well your skin during sleep! At this time, it is suitable to apply anti-wrinkle eye cream and neck cream, step by step skin care, just apply well and sleep well.

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