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Sublime Defence 高崇防御过敏活性浓缩液


Sublime Defense是局部涂抹在斑点,痣或敏感区域的理想选择,可保护皮肤免受UVA和UVB射线的伤害。



All our products are made from the best quality ingredients which are 100% vegetarian, and include no parabens, mineral oils or silicones.
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How to Use

将产品局部涂抹到患处,并在必要时重复操作。 为了日常保护,将活性精华与Sublime Base Cream O2混合,然后将混合后涂于整个面部。

Useful Information

This product or package is suitable for anyone with , , , , skin type. Click here to know your skin type.

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